Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting Environment

Golomt Bank commenced an advisory service program with IFC in Oct, 2018. The work scope of the program include:

  • Green Strategy Development
  • Internal Capacity Building in Green Finance

Golomt Bank was selected as the Asia-Pacific Representative of UNEP FI Banking Committee

  • As core group member, Golomt Bank is participating in the initiative to set Principles of Responsible Banking for the global banking sector

JICA Two-Step-Loan Project for SME Development and Environmental Protection

  • JICA provides credit line for SMEs development and environmental protection with the vision to ensure sustained economic growth in Mongolia. In 2018, Golomt Bank issued MNT 3,520,700,000 (USD 1.3 Million) for 9 enterprises.

Social Activity

Employment Promotion Fund of Mongolia provides funding to support SME entities and individuals creating jobs. In 2018, Golomt Bank issued MNT 8,366,880,000 (USD 3.2 Million) for 637 enterprises who created 1268 job positions.

ADB Job Creation

ADB invests in Job Creation in Mongolia for SME entities and individuals. In 2018, Golomt Bank issued MNT 1,543,200,000 (USD 0.6 Million) for 65 enterprises who created 230 job positions.

KFW Project Loan

Project loan to support agricultural and manufacturing enterprises. In total, invested MNT 7,900,000,000 (USD 3 Million) for 32 enterprises to support the manufacturing of value-added products.

USAID Reach Program

Golomt Bank cooperates with USAID under its Reach project to strengthen SMEs’ capacity to qualify for loan requirements.

Women Entrepreneurs Project

The Asia Foundation and KOICA financed project loan to support Women Entrepreneurs. In 2018, Golomt Bank issued MNT 300,000,000 (USD 0.1 Million) for 30 lenders who created 30 job positions.

We Value our Customer’s Financial Knowledge

Educating our customer is a substantial part of our social responsibility. Within this scope, 63 series of ‘For Your Financial Knowledge’ program has been launched jointly with the local business radio 98.9, which is being broadcasted on daily series. Furthermore, the series ‘Finance Philosophy’ was broadcasted on Education TV, local TV station, to promote the financial knowledge of the public. Similarly, various contents in the forms of publications, programs, videos, info-graphic, quiz and 360 pictures are continuously being published on local web pages and social media to foster the usage of financial tools and enhance the public financial knowledge.

Dudu Children’s Museum

We have been cooperating with Dudu Museum, the very first Children’s Museum in Mongolia. The Museum provides opportunities for children to feel and experience the live environment of 22 different work places and atmospheres though role-playing as a banker, doctor, constructor, astronaut and painter.

Children’s Day

We recognize our responsibility toward society and are inclined to organize events and activities that enable more socio-economic opportunities. Thus, every Children’s Day, it is one of the Bank’s tradition to have various fun and engaging events, allowing employees and their families to spend more time in the Bank’s culture. The signature events include “Golomt Bank in My Family”, painting event for kids and “Determining Future Goals and Objectives”, a career counseling service for teenagers.