We enhance your confidence in Mongolian securities market by safeguarding your valuable assets, so you can focus on what is most important to you. Having the right trust and custody partner can make all the difference and for that Golomt Custodian stands ready at your service.

Our comprehensive custody services:

By taking time to craft custom-tailored solutions that reflect your unique needs and requirements we offer you the most comprehensive suite of products.

Хүснэгтийг дэлгэрүүлж үзэх...

Safekeeping assets

  • Safe and secure keeping of assets
  • Provision of ownership rights
  • Full segregation of client's assets from our own
Securities settlement
  • Execution of trade settlements in a timely manner
  • Utilization of internationally accepted SWIFT messages
  • Real time connection with counterparties
Corporate action
  • Dividend disbursement
  • Coupon disbursement
  • Bonus issue / Stock dividend
  • Proxy voting
  • Redemption / Delisting
  • Stock split / Reserve stock split
  • Company merger / Acquisition
  • Company de-merger
  • Company name change
  • Rights exercise
  • Rights distribution
  • Tender offer
  • Conversation of securities
  • Par value change
  • Class action
  • Dividend with option
  • Repurchase program
Income collection
  • Collection of coupon / dividend and principal payment
  • Accurate distribution of income to clients
  • Support on tax related issues (tax calculation, tax reclaim)
  • Advice on regulatory environment
  • Detailed information on all the movements and holdings
  • High-quality reports, helping client to make timely investment decisions
Cash Management
  • Foreign exchange risk management
  • Swap and forward contracts
  • Cash deposits / Current accounts
  • Securities / Cash lending
Fund Services
  • Asset safekeeping Unit/share registration Periodical NAV calculation Timely delivery of reports
Cash Management

Benefits to local companies:

  • Potential increase in liquidity and trading volume at the domestic market
  • Broaden and diversify shareholder base and improve corporate governance

Benefits to foreign investors:

  • Trading, clearing, settlement and income collection will be in accordance with practices of the investor's home market
  • Facilitate diversification into Mongolian securities at a low cost

Servicing the Depository Receipts (DRs) on the MSE:

Foreign companies do not have to directly list their shares on the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE). Instead, they may place their shares at our custodian bank, issue DRs based on those and list the DRs on the MSE. In this type of a transaction Golomt Bank would serve as the bridge between foreign companies and Mongolian investors.     

Servicing Depository Receipts (DRs) on an international stock exchange:

Local public companies that meet the requirements of issuing shares on an international stock exchange may place their shares at our custodian bank, issue foreign currency DRs based on those and list the DRs on any international stock exchange. As a result, a local company may have its shares trading abroad more easily and at a relatively low cost compared to the standard international stock listing process. In addition, by issuing DRs, domestic companies can attract a greater number of foreign investors.       

Advantages to local companies:

  • Lower requirements compared to the process of listing shares directly on international stock exchanges;
  • Marketing of Mongolia to international investors;
  • Opportunity to exploit international investment and capital;
  • Lower costs compared to the process of listing shares and bonds directly on international stock exchanges;
  • Diversification and spread of the shareholding base, and hence improvement of the corporate governance;
  • Improvement of trading activity on the MSE, positive influence on security prices;
  • Improved liquidity of domestic companies’ shares and bonds.

Advantages to investors:

  • Greater diversification of the investment portfolio by investing in securities listed on the MSE;
  • Receipt of securities trading, clearing and settlement services at the best industry standards;
  • Receipt of information on trading volume and security prices regularly and in a timely manner.

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