Golomt Bank collaborates with international Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and provides medium- to long-term import financing loans to local companies. The ECAs finance fixed asset purchases of companies that are interested to import products and services from the EU and OECD member countries.

These import subsidizing loans provide the domestic importers with an opportunity to obtain relatively long-term financing under favorable terms while also ensuring that the exporters receive their payments on time.

Products and services:

  • ECA-backed import loan;
  • ECA-backed import loan guarantee.

Product feature:

  • The loan amount must not exceed 85% of the contract size;
  • Loan condition: the term of the ECA insurance/guaranteed  medium to long term loans;
  • Interest rate: since the ECAs are usually government agencies established to support theirrespective countries’ exports, the rates are usually based on EURIBOR, LIBOR or CIRR, and the pricing is competitive.

* Golomt Bank’s margin and other fees required by international banks are added on top. The total loan financing cost varies depending on each case.

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