Established in 2012, Golomt Capital LLC is one of the leading investment companies which introduced the first Online Trading Platform on Mongolian Stock Exchange, executed the first market making trade of Government bonds, and underwrote the first insured bond in Mongolia.

Trading on Mongolian Stock Exchange:

Golomt Capital LLC provides securities brokerage service for both individual and corporate clients on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. Clients can trade from over 200 companies’ stocks listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange through our skilled brokers or our Online Trading Platform in real time.

We also offer our clients high yield Mongolian Government bonds. Government bond is an attractive investment option as it is exempt from taxes and guaranteed by the Government. You will also be able to sell government bonds on the secondary market through us.

International securities trading:

Using our securities brokerage service, our clients may directly take positions in 14,000 securities on international stock exchanges such as the NYSE, LSE, NASDAQ, ASX, and HKEx. Our skilled investment analysts and brokers will be happy to assist you in making informed decisions.

Online trading system:

Golomt Capital LLC has introduced the first Online Trading System in Mongolia. It is available in both English and Mongolian and our clients can trade on the Mongolian Stock Exchange in real-time from anywhere in the world using our platform without any delays.

Contact us:

Golomt Capital LLC, 401, DB Building 12/1, Olympic street, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, 210644, Mongolia

Phone: 7012 1529, 7012 1530