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There are 13 commercial banks comprising 95% of overall financial market and are regulated by Bank of Mongolia. As of 2018 year-end, total banking assets were MNT 33.1 trillion  (USD 12.5 billion) which was 15% increase from the same period last year.

The banking sector has been constantly growing in the last decade, indicating a developing financial culture of the population. Golomt bank is aiming to be the catalyst of global level financial service provider and partner not only to our customers but also to our domestic and international partners.


In 2018, we successfully grew our assets by 17%, reaching (MNT 6,081 billion), which was an increase of MNT 876 billion and deposits by 27% (MNT 949 billion). As a result, customer deposits comprised 79% of the total liabilities (Increase of 7% from the previous year’s 72%).

Asset Structure (in percentage)
Liabilities Structure (in percentage)
Assets (in billion MNT)
Customer Assets (in billion MNT)

Shareholder Structure

  • GFG LLC (77.7%)
  • Bodi International LLC (9.06%)
  • Golomt Investment Ltd. (4.02%)
  • Swiss MO Investment AG (8.14%)
  • Fortunate Golomt (1.08%)
Shareholder information
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Golomt Financial Group LLC is a financial group holding company and the major shareholder of Golomt Bank. It holds equity investments in financial sector businesses (such as insurance and brokerage) and is solely owned by Mr. Bayasgalan Danzandorj, who is the ultimate beneficiary owner, one of the founders, former CEO and former Chairman of Golomt Bank.

Bodi International LLC, established in 1993, is one of the first conglomerates in Mongolia, currently managing more than 10 subsidiaries and associate companies in a variety of sectors such as real estate development and management, construction, energy, and mining. Bodi International LLC is also majorityowned by Mr. Bayasgalan Danzandorj.

Golomt Investments Limited was established in 2014 as Bodi International LLC's subsidary.

Swiss-Mo Investments AG is a Swiss investment fund, holds equity interests in exchange, airports, airlines and hotel businesses. It is majority-owned by leading Swiss philanthropist, investor, Mr. Urs Ernst Schwarzenbach.

Fortunate Golomt – ESOP represents 149 key employees of the Bank under the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). Although the ownership portion is 1.08%, the shareholders supported employee representation on the Board and assigned one seat to ESOP.

Golomt Financial Group

Golomt Financial Group is one of the largest and leading financial groups in Mongolia with over 1900 employees. It incorporates the nation’s leading financial institutions, Golomt bank, Golomt Securities, and Mandal General Insurance. We are committed to deliver world-class financial products and services to corporations, small and medium sized enterprises and individuals both at home and abroad. Read more

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