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Our information security team, consists of domestically as well as internationally accepted certified experts, offer consulting services to corporate client providing insight into their currently established security posture as well as giving recommendations on how to improve it adequately and adjust it to your business needs. Golomt Bank’s security experts understand this through their years of experience in all aspects of information security. Our consulting services are customizable and can be related to any aspect of information security such as technology, policy and procedures, network design, disaster recovery, compliance standards, and more.

Certification and Standard

Professional certification  


  • Training to employees (basic to advanced level)
  • Advice on security infrastructure solution including human resource, policies, technology
  • Information security audit and penetration testing
  • Incident response and impact assessment


Head Office of Golomt Bank, D.Sukhbaatar Square 5, P.O.Box 22, Ulaanbaatar 15160, Mongolia 

Phone : 75751111 (1708)

E-mail: security@golomtbank.com

Website : www.golomtbank.com