Loan Services

Loan Services

Our Goal:

  1. To create a widely accessible product portfolio;
  2. To provide loans at the right place with the right conditions; 

Golomt Bank takes into account the following socio-economic aspects when granting a loan:


  • Increase in export;
  • Production of import substitution goods;
  • Spreading of new technology;
  • Vital projects for domestic economy;
  • Support stable industries.

Overdraft limit is designed to cover the unexpected sudden shortage of working capital and short term financial needs of businesses.

Credit line

Credit line provides flexible funds from a credit line with a preapproved limit. Clients may tap into their line whenever the necessity arises.

Financing of Agriculture and Rural Development Project by ADB

Purpose: to support the development of the value chain of agriculture producers and enterprises by financing working capital and investment needs.

Heavy machinery and Equipment loan

Heavy machinery and equipment leasing loan finances purchase of mining, construction, road-construction, agriculture machinery and equipment. 

Investment loan

Investment loan provides opportunity to increase fixed capital stock. 

Working capital loan

Working capital loans are short term loans to maintain operations of the company.