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Brief introduction of Golomt bank

Brief introduction of Golomt bank

Golomt bank of Mongolia was established on March 6 1995 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bodi International L.L.C., one of the major giants in Mongolian social and economic arena. The bank offers complete spectrum of high quality commercial and investment banking services to both domestic and international enterprises and investors reinforcing sound corporate governance and transparency commitments. 

It has long been the pioneer among Mongolian banks introducing initiatives to contribute to accelerate Mongolian financial sector development, namely card services, E-banking, 24 hour non-stop banking service, Western Union foreign remittance, Dual Currency card, the very first UnionPay RMB card applicable in not only Chinese territory but worldwide, portable ATM, specially tailored banking application of Smart bank service for android cellular phones, “Self Serving Bank” and ongoing project to issue international MasterCard and American Express card with MNT account  in cooperation with card issuer giants etc. 

Golomt bank’s exclusive focus as a customer-centric bank has led to its constantly expanding market share within the overall banking and financial sector with position of leader as total assets grew by 48 per cent. and profitability rose by 117 per cent.

Golomt bank, not only trusted by domestic clients but also by renowned international enterprises, has entered in secondary debt agreement with Swiss-Mo, one of leading investors in Switzerland and Trafigura Beheer B.V.  as an expression of shareholding interests. Recognized by our pioneering role, advancement in products and services and continuous innovations, “Global Finance” magazine, internationally known specialist media, awarded Golomt Bank as “The Best Bank of Mongolia” and “The Best Internet Bank of Mongolia” in 2013. Also Global Banking & Finance Review awards named the bank as “Best Internet Bank of Mongolia” and "Best Retail Bank of Mongolia" in 2014.