Investor relations

Corporate presentation
Golomt Bank serves about 80% of the corporate market, offering a complete set of banking products and solutions, and has been leading SME development initiatives in Mongolia.
Financial information
There are 14 commercial banks, and 1 policy bank in the system. All commercial banks are regulated by Bank of Mongolia and together comprising 95% of overall financial market of Mongolia.
Annual report
Golomt Bank, a leading private bank founded in 1995, is one of the systemically important banks in Mongolia with total assets of MNT 5.2 trillion and total deposits of MNT 3.3 trillion as of 2017 year-end.
Quarterly Financial report
Golomt Bank operates with a well-balanced presence in all three market segments: Corporate, SME, and Retail. Since its founding, Golomt Bank’s accomplishments, culture, and loyalty have secured its position as a well-recognized brand in the home market.
Audited financial report
International Financial Reporting Standards
Consolidated Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report