About Us

Founded in 1995, we are one of the systemically important banks in Mongolia with total assets of MNT 6 trillion and total deposits of MNT 4.4 trillion as of 2018 year-end. We operate with a well-balanced presence in all three market segments: Corporate, SME, and Retail. We have successfully accomplished our position as a well-recognized brand in Mongolia through our accomplishments and culture over the past few decades.

We are the largest urban-retail bank, with around 800,000 clients and 115 branches and serving points, serving majority of the urban working population in Mongolia. We are also the market leader in credit cards with our revolutionizing new “ZES” card while successfully capturing 75% of the market within the first year of launch, 2017. Moreover, we serve nearly 80% of the corporate market and leading the local SME development initiatives.

Having long-standing relations with about 100 financial institutions in 30 countries and facilitating almost half of all SWIFT transactions in Mongolia in 15 major currencies, we have the broadest network connection.

In 2017, we have successfully adopted Customer-Centric Business Model to serve the clients more effectively with streamlined process and various tailored cards to serve our diverse client base. With this new approach, we believe to improve the customer satisfaction while strengthening our reputation.

As our vision is to become Mongolia’s global benchmark bank, we give much importance in the implementation of best practices and know-hows by collaborating with multiple international organizations and heavily invest in our employees’ professional development through various trainings and activities.

Recently, we have become the first Mongolian member of United Nations Environmental Program – Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to advocate environmentally and sustainably conscious strategies into our daily operations and strategies.



Board Members

Our Board is a well balanced representation of the Shareholders as half of the Board of Directors are Independent Members with one nominee from shareholders under the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

Mrs. Munkhtsetseg has been the Chair of the Board since December 2013. Her previous professional experience includes consulting, managerial and executive roles at the World Bank, Mongolian Stock Exchange, Asian Development Fund, and Nepko Publishing Company.

Mr. Schwarzenbach has been a member of the Board since 2011. He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the Honorary Consul of Mongolia for the German speaking part of Switzerland.

Mr. Munkhtur started his career at Golomt Bank in 1996. He previously served as the Director of Credit Division and the Operations Division, and Executive VP & COO. Mr. Munkhtur was appointed as a member of the Board in December 2012.

Mr. Dwyer joined the Bank’s Board in 2018. He has an extensive 20 years of international investment banking experience in the executive roles at the Business Council of Mongolia, M&A for Union Bank Switzerland, Khan Bank and TDB.

Mr. Unenbat joined our Board in 2010 as an independent member. After his role as a Governor of the Bank of Mongolia in 1996, he became the executive director of the Corporate Governance Development Center, an organization with the goal of advancing corporate governance of Mongolian companies.

Mr. Abello has been an Independent Member of our Board of Governors since 2014. He is a highly experienced professional, previously held senior positions at Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Paribas.

Senior Management

Our top management team consists of 5 seasoned professionals with substantial local and international industry experience. They are responsible for the day-to-day management of their respective divisions, each of whom reports regularly to the CEO and board members.

Mr. Norihiko Kato was appointed as the CEO of Golomt Bank in May 2019. He is an internationally experienced banker with over 30 years of proven track record both in developed and emerging markets. He held various senior positions with MUFG Bank, Khan Bank, Sathapana Bank and Sustainable Finance Initiatives.

Mr. Ganbold was the CEO of the Bank during 2012-2015, and re-joined the bank as President in Aug. 2016. He has been with the Bank since 2000 and held various executive roles including Chief Operating Officer and Director of Operations of the Bank.

Mrs. Nyamsuren has been with the Bank since 2001. She held various senior management positions, including Senior Economist, Senior Manager at Risk Management Division, Head of Credit Risk Management Department and Director of Credit Division.

Mr. Sugar was appointed as the Deputy CEO, in charge of HR and Operations of the bank in April, 2019. He has been with the Bank since 1997. During 22 years of his working experience in Golomt Bank, he has held various senior management positions, including Director of Operations Division, Business Development Division and Financial Management Division.

Mr. Sainbileg has been with the bank for over 9 years. He started his banking career as a program engineer of IT Department in 2005, and held various senior positions in the IT Division of the Bank. He also gained international experience while working in QOSQO and A.C.E.R.

Organizational Structure

Timeline and Achievements

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Values


We regard client satisfaction as utmost priority by keeping our promises at all times and exceeding their expectations with our products and services to build the most trustworthy and profitable relationship based on mutual trust and respect with our clients.


We strive to be the pioneer in delivering the world class financial products and services, integrating the latest technological developments and creating the most suitable solutions to clients’ needs.


Our success is built upon highly professional, skilled and ethical employees united under common goal to deliver superior products and services for our clients through collaboration, expertise and innovation.